You can never play football without no football else it wouldn't be football! Football's are nearly always
Ball b
changed every four years,

the colour changes, the weight changes, the size changes almost everything changes. Once the first match is played with the Football it can never be changed, else it would never be fair for the Players who played with the Football before. And the Players who played are use to the type of football could win the Premier League or the World Cup. In the 2010 World cup, the ball was really light and players couldn't shoot or pass becuase the ball sometimes went in a different direction but still they tryed there best. And that was exatcly how Spain Lost against Helvetia in the 2010 world cup, Although who cares about that becuase they won the World Cup in 2010. Some people say the Footballs get better every world cup but sometimes they get worse and worse and worse untill the ball is Changed so that its better. The only times that the ball was actulley good were: 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2006. Now that is not a lot so the world cup balls deffinently need changing until it can't be any greater. If you say theres more complaints with the players than the ball well you are wrong becuase there is so many more complaints with the ball that they might aswell just play with a rugby ball.